Routines that Keep You Away From Bloating & Constipation

The holiday season are almost ready to start with thanks giving day, be it with family and colleagues, and requires some rest from the daily work hassles. These celebrations start with the entry of mouth watering delicates, drinks and several unhealthy meals.

If you are prepared to get started with big feast celebration and often arrive with the entry of bloating, stomach pain and constipation issues, we are here to get you covered with those troubles.

From stuffs to consider for eating patterns and exercises that effective to follow, our comprehensive investigation guide takes you to get some best routines to follow and live without trouble or health confusion.

Before feast sessions

This starts with making your body hydrated, maintaining the healthy diet intake that is consistent so that your body feels good completely. This is often carried with moderate workout sessions followed by yoga and meditation.

Consider drinking loads of water followed with seven to eight glass of water daily and avoid drinking alcoholic drinks in excess. Health experts often suggest individuals to consider drinking water when you feel thirsty and neglect beverages that have high content of sugar, caffeine and artificial additions. While eating patterns you need to consider wholesome foods that carry nutritional values and are healthy for health.

You may stick yourself with the intake of these nutritional factors such as salads with grilled chicken, sandwiches, fruits and vegetables, eggs, and protein-based smoothies. The mistake by individuals before feast sessions is that they neglect eating habits and live with empty stomach, which is not a good sign and often leads to overeating behaviour during the celebrations.

On the Feast Day

Drink at least 2-3 litres of water

According to health experts “drinking high water content not only keeps the body full but also restricts the dehydration factor to make you hungry again. You must aim for 2-3 litres of water today, which very good thing to take for is granted”. Today you would be carried away to more sugar and salt stuffs than usual, so boost that water drinking habit that keeps you away from bloating concerns.

Take protein-rich breakfast

If possible start you season with the inclusion of protein based sources at the breakfast table that keeps you fuller for long time. You might get started with scrambled eggs mixed to mushroom and tomato, and take a tofu scramble with mushrooms, and onion with salads.

Yoga for healthy digestion

The day big feast is about to start you may make some easy to follow yoga postures to keep your digestive system function smoothly. That is carried with twisted chair, seated twist and camel to keep digestion proper and restrict the body to stay away from constipation or bloating issues. You may also follow a light 20 minutes workout that makes your body burn calories by sweating and making it active again.

Bloating or constipation issues take no time to attack your health but following such given schedule you may keep the body away from such troubles and also restrict the weight gain process, so keep it up and be consistent.

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